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    wife qualified for the National AKC Dog Agility Championship for 3rd yr in a row so will be heading out early tomorrow for Reno.  1st time held in a western state for several years.  Hopefully will have some down time between her runs & helping her stage so looking for some ideas on cool places to  run & I guess some fun things to do that don't involve gambling or drinking.  Yeah I know that eliminates about 90% of the reason to visit Reno.  May try to make it over to Virginia City if time.   Have not been there since the 60's.


    ideas on running routes?  things to do?

      Hey Neal- halfway (or so) over the hill on the way to Lake Tahoe is Mt. Rose which is a nice hike with great views if I recall correctly from my on-the-road- with- the-band- days in the Casinos many years ago. High Sierra country. Of course it's not just the passage of time that makes it a fuzzy memory. Went to Pyramid Lake once as well- desert lake with wierd rock forms. If you get over to Lake Tahoe- everyone goes to the casinos, which is fine if you like that sort of thing, but if you just walk uphill for 10 mintues you leave it all behind and are in some real nice country. Down on the SW lake side- Desolation Wilderness great hiking. There might be snow all over at this time.

        I'll recommend a couple easy in-town ones... There's a bike/walking path that runs along the Truckee River for miles, that's always good. I prefer the end more toward Sparks, kinda depends how far you want to go. Or, there's the Sparks Marina park, about a 2 mile loop around it I believe. Those aren't necessarily the best scenery (well,the river path is nice in parts) but both are easily accessible and car-free.

        Sit on a potato pan, Otis.

          Chuck: good sounding hikes but unfortunately not enough time on this trip


          Greg: thanks, will check out those river runs.


          looks like we will be lucking out with Reno weather.  65-70 on Friday!!  & then cooling off 15-20 degrees but at least no snow in forecast.  however we may run into some weather issues on a section on the way on CA 44.  not planning on taking 4wd but looks like we will need to just to be safe.