Alternative to phone armbands (Read 338 times)

2016 Pre-race photo

    I cut the sleeves off an old fleece jacket that has pockets.  .  Stuff doesn't bounce around. Works fine in cold weather

    2016 Races

    4/3/16 --Shamrock Shuffle, Chicago  51:16

    4/30/16--Crazy Legs Classic, Madison 52:34

    Memorial Day Weekend - Soldier Field 10 1:55:33

    8/20  -- Madison Mini(Half Marathon) 2:23:11

    9/18/-Ready to Run 20 miler, Chicago Area Runners Association 4:13:11

    10/16  Fall 15K, Madison: 1:44:15



      I have a belt like thing called a flip belt by level up. Love it!!


      I second this.  FlipBelt by Level up very handy, zero bounce, good capacity


        The Shield looks like the Bro Smile


        I prefer the manzier!


          I want to see stadjak in his nylon stockings, I bet he has nice legs.   


          Running is stupid


            Thought I'd hop in here. My name is Mark Kinsley and I hate wearing armbands during my workout. That bad experience, and the inability to keep track of anything that straps to your body, led me to make Kippo shorts.




            On the first day we were named a Kickstarter Staff Pick.

            Feel free to send me any thoughts or feedback.

            For me it's been the best way to workout with my iPhone. Hope this is helpful.