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Rusty C

    OK I've been fumbling around them but what are the dots that come up when trying to click on a line that is an out and back and on the back route?  Frustrating trying to click on a good spot but I manage through it.

    an amazing likeness

      The dots are "grab points" to allow you to re-position the route section(s) you've laid down. Standard Google maps stuff. There are 3 tools in the toolbar for creating out-and-back routes, ('out and back', 'out and back lollipop', and 'reverse direction') grouped in the toolbar to the right of the elevation control (mountain icon).


      If you have the 'follow roads' enabled, you can click next to your outbound section, slightly off-road, to create your return route where you're doubling back.

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      Rusty C

        Thank You Milktruck


          A couple of additional pointers:

          • Right-clicking on an existing dot will delete it.
          • Right-clicking on your course line where there is no dot will add one. Move your cursor away and then back to the new dot, and you can drag it to a different position.

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          Rusty C

            Thanks LL