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    I have a pain on the inside of my left knee. 

    It doesn't hurt when I run. But I can not get into a kneeling position, or squat without a shooting pain. It feels strained if I bend my knee beyond 90deg, and pain gets worse as knee bends more  

    Could this be a MCL or meniscus strain?

      Welcome to world of tweaks in active exercisers. However, if you can run without issue, I would not be concerned. Strains/tweaks happen. If not better or improving in a couple weeks, increase your awareness. Just don't do anything that irritates it. Unlikely meniscus or or MCL especially if you don't recall a traumatic event.

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        I DNS Boston this year due to right knee "meniscus tear." I have very similar symptoms you are describing. My knees have been getting worse for years (62 y.o.), with more limitations each year. I was on the TM first week of April, starting my taper, and all heck broke loose. Felt like the bottom part of my leg would fall off. Sports medicine said torn meniscus - therapy - stretches and e-stim - didn't do much. I was limping. X-Rays negative, finally an MRI showed torn meniscus. One Ortho DR. said "Remove it, repair it, or leave it (but it won't get better)." Repair it sounded very drastic, with 4-6 wks on crutches and 4-6 mos. recovery. 2nd opinion Dr. saw the tear differently, and said, "I can go in and check around, but it looks like I can snip it and clean it up in about 15 minutes." Two surgeons, completely different diagnoses.

        I'm still waiting for a couple answers before I decide. Meanwhile, I'm running again and building back some muscles around it. It hurts slightly when I start out, but kind of goes away.

        I'm wondering if you have the onset of a bad meniscus, if there is such a thing, because all your current symptoms sound like what I have now and what I had. Mine is the medial, BTW. Can you hold you foot stationary on the floor and twist your leg/knee without pain? That was the test the first ortho did to confirm the tear.

        I would say rest it - walk, bike, or swim, but nothing with impact. Try that for a couple weeks and see. NSAIDS may help, also icing. My knee doesn't really look swollen, but the sports med. said he could see it was.

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