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    Hey All-


    Some background on me.  Last year I was 407 pounds and could not make it up a flight of stairs.

    I had a gastric sleeve surgery to save my life as I was not doing well.  Flash forward almost a year and I am now 264 pounds.  I exercise daily and focus on a high protein diet.  Part of my exercise has been jogging.

    I'm currently at a 12:30 pace.  The longest I've done is 4.5 miles and it felt great.


    As a challenge to myself, I have registered for the 3/10 Coast Run in Buena Park.  I can do a 5k just fine, so I wanted to lay down a challenge of hitting a 10k.


    So as a total rookie, I find myself looking for shoes asap and a proper tech shirt.  I'm also not that educated on "goo" and what not..Hence my turning to this forumn..


    I've got 2 hours to complete this race, so I feel very confident.  That being said, Any advice on how I should train for the next few weeks?  On a 10k race, do they offer water at all mile markers or just certain ones?  Should I try goo in my training? does it really help?


    Also, the race form stated no headphones allowed.  Not to disrespect the rules, but do people actually follow this or is it just a disclaimer.


    Any advice would be appreciated.  I plan on going to a running store and picking up shoes this weekend to allow plenty of break in time..


    Thank you all for reading and your support.  I feel like this second chance at life I've been give has awoken an inner athlete and I'm hoping to do a half by next year.



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      Don't worry one bit about Gu or other eat-on-the-run stuff -- it's only 6 miles, you'll have plenty of energy stores in your body to go the distance. (caveat, I know nothing about the impact of your bypass) Those nutritional things come into play in longer distances...

      Just keep going with your normal jogging, walking and exercising -- you're in this for the a longer journey than this one race.  If you can currently run 4.5mi, you can run 6 on race day.  Run slow to get used to the distance...slowly grow your 4.5mi to 5mi then do a few more 5 milers. Don't try to go out and hammer out a bunch of miles as hard as you can.


      Each race is different, but in a 10K there's likely to be 2 or 3 water stops.  There will be plenty for you.


      Headphones....well that depends...there have been races with strict enforcement and for others the no headphones is to limit their liability. It's personal, but I'd encourage you to not use them...others will disagree with me on this, and everything else I've written here.

      I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)


        Hi Ryan,


        I am also fairly new to running and have used it as a tool in my weight loss.  I don't have a lot of race experience, but I can tell you that you will not need to carry extra hydration or food for a 10K.  Just make sure you eat an easy to digest breakfast about 2 hours prior to the race and hydrate before you go out and you'll be fine.

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          Going from 5k to 10k isn't too bad.  You already know you can do 4.5 as a long run.  If you can get a long run in each week up to 5 miles, then 5.5, then 6, while doing your normal workouts during the week, you've got it made.  The longer you go though you can expect pace to drop.  If you're doing 12:30 for 5K you might expect upwards of 13:00 or more for 10K.

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            As a casual runner myself I would suggest getting a water belt with a pouch and taking one Gu with you just in case you need a little jolt of energy near the end. As others have said you probably don't need it but better safe than sorry. I always like to have control over my hydration during a race, even a 5K, but I'm weird that way.


            I have run races that have instructed us not to wear headphones and when I got there everyone was wearing em. I don't know how strict your race is, but maybe bring your device and if it looks like they really mean it put it in your pouch.


            In any case, nice work on getting in shape! Very impressive!


            And good luck to you!



              It's a 10k, not a marathon. The purpose of the gu is to avoid running out of fuel during the race. At 12:30 pace or slower, he's not going to dip deeply into the energy reserves, even if it takes him 90 minutes to complete the 10k.


              As a casual runner myself I would suggest getting a water belt with a pouch and taking one Gu with you just in case you need a little jolt of energy near the end. 


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                I agree with everything MilkTruck said. As for headphones at a lot of my races it seems like people ignore the rule with not many consequences. However, I think those people are extremely discourteous. And you might miss out on hearing things around you or even making some new friends.


                Congrats on your weight loss! Keep up the great work.

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                  I agree with ditching the headphones.  Take in the whole experience.

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                  - sub-26 5K : sub-56 10K : 1st half marathon

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                    RE: gu:


                    On average, 50 percent of the stomach content empties after 2.5 to 3 hours and  completely empties after 4 to 5 hours. It requires another 2.5 to 3 hours before  50 percent of the contents in the small intestine empty. At this point, your digestive  system has  absorbed most of the nutrients.

                    Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/464087-how-long-does-it-take-for-nutrients-to-be-absorbed/#ixzz2LaCRXCch


                    You don't need any nutrition for a 10k, just hydrate well leading up to the race and eat a decent breakfast.


                    RE: headphones:


                    I agree with others' recommendation that you should run sans headphones.  It's nice to take in the whole experience and interact with other runners IMO.








                      Thanks everyone for all the great advice and encouragement.  I'm very excited to use this experience as a building block for hopefully longer distances.  Ryan

                        I like to take in the experience and have a soundtrack. I have taken a pair of earbuds and cut off one string. I can talk, hear what is going on around me, and have some tunes.


                          Good job Ryan,

                          I started running in 2007 to lose weight. I have only lost 60 pounds.

                          A good pair of running shoes is essential.

                          I would go to a local shoe store that specializes in running shoes and get yourself properly fitted.

                          Don't worry about the gu a 10k is only 6.2 miles.But do not pass up the water stations, staying hydrated is important.

                          If you look around you can find good tec t's on sale and not pay an arm and a leg for it.



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                            i agree with the others you don't need gu or gel.  However, I have issues with my blood sugar so I always something for an emergency.


                            have fun!

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                              Heh, another response just to say -> listen to Milk Truck! And thanks for your story. There are plenty of people, myself included, who find a tale like yours inspiring.


                              I ran a 10 miler recently where encouragement (and sometimes conversation!) was offered by everyone I passed and everyone who passed me. I actually finished right behind a guy who trains with people I know, but I had to introduce myself in the finishers' chute because he was wearing earbuds on the course.. you get the idea. In any case, good luck, I'm sure you'll do just fine. Smile


                                Congratualtions on the healthy changes in your life.


                                I used the Couch to 10K trainer and it was really helpful.  Its a free iphone app (or any Smartphone, I think).


                                I'm certainly no expert but I've never used Gu or any supplements.


                                Getting a good running shoe fit is huge!


                                Good luck!

                                I can and I will!