Some help with Central Park running next week (Read 833 times)

    I'll be running Tues - Thurs in NYC next week. Staying on the upper west side, The Excelsior Hotel so I'm right next to Central Park. I've seen some info here. I can just do some random loops Tues and Wed but I want to get some long hill repeats in Thursday morning. Would appreciate a little direction from my hotel on west 81st to Upper Loop/North Woods area. 


    Any advice on not getting mugged will be accepted too. 


      Muggers tend to pick on less mobile and more vulnerable types. Don't worry about that.


      You'll find it difficult to find substantial hills. Since you're on the west side though, I would go over to the Hudson riverfront. There's a real nice path that runs pretty much the length of the island.


      Oh, and wear your Red Sox shirt,  just to make it more interesting






        There are two good sustained hills in CP.  Cat hill is about a quarter of a mile and the north end of the park contains a section that has sustained uphill of 1/2 a mile.


        Take a look at the enclosed run from my log:





        Cat hill starts at mile 5.29 and the upper park hill starts around mile 1.21



        Mugged.....no worries.  I run in CP and on the Hudson Greenway at all hours and have never felt unsafe.  You will have lots of running company as well.

         201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...


          Oh, and wear your Red Sox shirt,  just to make it more interesting



          Red Sox shirt = involuntary speedwork

           201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

            Thanks JML but your map is not publicly viewable. Gotta click the little checkbox next to it. And I don't even have a Red Sox shirt. I suppose I could head down to Fenway and pick up a "Jeter sucks and A-Rod ...." shirt. 



              Whoops.  Sorry about that.  Fixed now.

               201x goals: run a bunch....race some.....repeat...

              Imminent Catastrophe

                There's some good hillwork to be done at the north end of the Park on the loop road. Lots of runners and bikers around, there's no worry about safety. 

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                  Thanks. I'll just head north until I find a suitable hill. And the mugging thing was just a joke. i did actually live in NYC for a while but have never set foot in Central Park. 



                    Try taking a run east to Riverside park and run along the Hudson. Upper west side? Stop in at Grant's tomb.

                      I passed Desi Davila running in Central park on Thursday morning. I had seen her in Times Square the day before at some IAAF event.

                      Both times I yelled her name and she smiled.  I'm guessing she thinks she has a stalker.

                      Sorry for the digression, but no one in my real life knew who she was when I told them.Undecided

                      If she medals in London, I'll really have myself a story.


                      MTA: WHEN she medals in London.

                        On the east side of the loop, just south of the MMA, there is a decent hill. I've never been north of the reservoir. Good luck. TC

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