Odd Experience: Being in the lead (Read 1238 times)


    That was a great read!  


    I remember the first time I found myself leading a 5k.  It was a terrible feeling!  You really feel that target on your back and it's kinda hard to enjoy your lead while not freaking out knowing the pack is chasing YOU down.   I used to have a recurring dream before races that I'd be leading and not know the course and I'd get lost.  That was all I could think about the first time I found myself leading a race.  un-nerving! 


    Great PR and I bet you'll find yourself leading more and more now.  Especially now that you know you have it in you. You'll get the mud guy next time.  Nice work. 

    HTFU?  Why not!

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      First time I led a race, I did get lost. Finished 20th. Still PR'd. The "What If?'s" from that day haunt me still.



        That was a great report and a great race.  Thanks.

          What an improvement in your running!


          I really enjoyed reading this, great story and well told.

          I am more likely to be struck by lightning while riding a unicorn than to ever lead a race, so it's interesting to read about your experience.

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            Great report! Great PR!