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    I'm trying to trend my weight over the last year. The graphing program will only go back to 1/1/2006 instead of trending all the data from 1/1/2005 to 3/9/2006. Can you help?
      Al, The graph only displays the date range that contains data. I looked at a few entries before 2006, and the weight field is empty. You did mention your weight in the notes before 2006, but the program is not smart enough to understand free text yet. The only thing I can think of is to go through your old runs and fill in the weight field manually. eric Smile

        Hey Eric... I forgot that my weight data did not import over from my old running-log. I sent you an email with my weight data to import when you get a chance. Thanks for your help.
          I was trying to graph my weight over the last 6 weeks and noticed that I somehow doubled in weight one day last week. I thought maybe I had accidentally changed the units to kg or something so I went in to look at the log when I think I figured out the problem--I ran twice that day and the program added my weight for the two workouts together for that date. I guess the workaround is to delete the number in the weight field anytime I'm logging more than one run in a day, or to change the default to leave the field blank unless I enter a value. Actually the 2nd option is probably best since I only weight myself once a week anyway.

          Runners run.

            Mike, You probably chose to display your chart as a histogram, which sums up all the y-values with the same x-value. If you switch to use XY Plot, it'll graph your weight correctly. I'm planning to overhaul the graphing stuff after I finish the groups feature. eric Smile