A Huge Thank You (Read 179 times)

    Last spring i came to RunningAhead with my questions and concerns about running my first marathon this fall. The forums lit up and gave me best wishes as well as plenty of advice and tips for my upcoming adventure. I signed up for the Chicago Marathon at the end of my senior year and trained throughout the summer. A freshman in college, I am part of the ISUCF'V'MB and a proud member at that. My days have been busy and long, but well worth it after last weekend. I am proud to say I cruised in with a 2:57:03 this weekend in Chicago and had a blast doing so. Thank you to RunningAhead and all of its members for your information and support! -Caskey

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      I was a little nervous about Googling ISUCF'V'MB...  That's a very impressive result for your first marathon.


      not bad for mile 25

        Congratulations! That's a great time!


          An even bigger "you're welcome."  Excellent first marathon, Mr. Caskey. 


            An excellent debut. Congratulations.

            Runners run

            Interval Junkie --Nobby

              Wow, that's an incredible debut.  Glad we could help.

              2021 Goals: 50mpw 'cause there's nothing else to do

              Joann Y

                Congrats, that's awesome. Just curious, did you use Pfitz as a few had suggested? I would be interested in hearing more about how your training went and also about the race itself.

                  as a Hawkeye alum, i have to say ewwwwww to iowa state!


                  Congrats on the great marathon time!



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