Importing numerous Polar .HRM files? (Read 527 times)


    I have hundreds of .hrm files from an old Polar S625X watch (Polar Precision Software) I would like to import. This was data from 2005 to 2008 when I had first started getting into distance running and it would be neat to go back and look at to see how I have progressed since then. 

    When I had the Polar software, I was using a Windows computer, and have since converted to a Mac, so I no longer have a way to import the .hrm files into the Polar software. I can import the .hrm files into RA one at a time, but I don't know how to do all of them at once.

    If I knew of a program that would allow me to convert them to a .tcx file, I would do that as well.


    Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!




      I sent you a PM.

        Can we upload from Polar HRMs? I wear a Polar HRM for nonrunning workouts. I would love to be able to upload the data files to RA. 


          You can upload Polar HRM files by selecting the corresponding file type on the file import page.