Training for 1/2 marathon when already running 10 miles 11 weeks before (Read 329 times)

    I have a 1/2 marathon on March 23. I can easily run 8 miles -- and 10 miles is doable, but I'm completely ready to be done at 10. (I did ten today -- running on an icy trail all the way). I usually only do one 1/2 marathon a year, so by the time I'm ready to train for my next one, I'm back to the 16-week schedule that I use from a local running club. But I ran a 1/2 marathon in November, and have been running 8 mile runs each week fairly regularly since then.


    I am usually a slave to a schedule when I train. But all of the schedules I can find would put me at 5 or 6 miles for my long runs right now. I don't want to do shorter long runs than I can already do. But I don't want to get injured, either. So my question is, how do I figure how long my long runs should be for a 1/2 marathon that's in 11 weeks when I can do 8 miles easy and 10 miles is a challenge? Any advice?

      I am no expert, but am in a similar situation.  I held steady on the 10 miles until it became comfortable and focused on improved pacing / adding mileage on my midweek runs.  My half is in mid-February and now I"m at the point where I'm adding to my long run.

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        how much do you run when you are not training for the half.


        You should not have to be starting over each time.

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          Mileage base is (almost) everything.  I ran my first half marathon with a base of 20 miles per week, and a peak week of 27 miles.  I was sore for a week afterward.  With a base of 30 MPW for my second half, I finished several minutes faster, with almost no soreness afterward.


          For my first half, I ran several 10 mile long runs.  The first was at 12 MPM (I was being cautious), the last at 10 MPM.  I could have run the last long run slightly faster, but it would have been at more than a training effort.  I tried a 13 mile long run, and ended up walking the last two miles.  Then I ran the half at 9 MPM.  That was me, you will have to find out for yourself.


          Work on your miles per week and the long runs will become easier.

            I'm doing about 20-25 miles per week. I usually do 5 miles on three days and then an 8 to 10 mile long run on a 4th day -- every saturday. Should I do 8 miles every other Saturday and then add .5 miles or so to my 10 miles to build that up on the Saturdays i'm not doing the 8? So something like this starting next week?:









            Then when i hit 13, just go back and forth btwn 8 and 13?


            I'm starting speed work this week, which I'll do once a week.

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              for a half I like to work up to 16, alternating between "short" long runs of 8-12 and long of 12-16

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                My goal half marathon is March 17 and my longest run lately is 15 miles. I'm having a hard time even understanding the question.

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                  10 miles "icy" is harder than 10 miles easy.


                  Work up to 11 and race day magic will get you to 13.1.


                  Work up to 15 and you will have extra confidence and probably run a better race.  But you don't have to do this.