Smoking Pot and Running? (Read 567 times)

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    You'll be stuck at the 1st aid station eating cookies for an hour.

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        I've tried smoking pot and running but the smoke gets in my eyes

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            I've tried smoking pot and running but the smoke gets in my eyes


            I saw another participant smoking a cigarette whilst running in the Edinburgh Marathon a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps the oddest thing I've seen during a race...


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              If it gets you running, I say stick with it until it starts to hold you back.


              The reason why it "helps" you is probably related to the addictive nature of it.  Not saying it's chemically addictive like cigs, but mentally pleasurable which reinforces repeat behavior.  


              I totally agree with this. Oftentimes it's pleasure signals that reinforces the behavior until it becomes a habit.


              If smoking weed works for you and it motivates you to run more, well and good. No judgement Smile

                Not judging, but I don't really understand the point of the post. It is clear you enjoy pot and running. When people suggest you give it up you get very defensive. So I think the purpose of your posting is to validate that smoking won't effect your running.If that is the case just keep doing what you are doing because your mind is already made up.


                The truth is nobody actually knows. There are some obvious reasons to think it would hurt your running. But of course it could be doing something mentally that is helping you that we don't know about. My suggestion would be this. You already have had a sample of running while stoned. Why not give up smoking for three months and train the same way you have while smoking. Then run a race. See the effect the break has had. If a three month break is too long for you to handle then maybe you should think about whether or not you have a problem. The way I see it worst case, your running times don't improve and you go right back to smoking. You probably save a little cash during that time and your tolerance goes down so you can get higher on less and enjoy it more.

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                  I am 21 years old and I have been smoking marijuana daily for 6 years and on a regular basis for the 4 years before that. Before August of 2012 I had never ran more than 2 miles in my life but a co-worker of mine really wanted me to run a 10k with her, which was the next month, so I started training for the 10k and found that i actually enjoyed running more than i expected i would, my training went well and finished in 55 minutes(have since finished one in 47min). In December I ran my first half-marathon and finished in 2hrs 8min. And on Mar. 30 of this year I ran my first full marathon in 4hrs and 45min. I have ran at MOST 5 times while NOT stoned, and did not like the results. After running for only 8 months and being able to finish a marathon in a somewhat decent time leads me to believe that smoking pot helps me with running! It sounds crazy but hey, who knows. Now I am training for a 60k that is in 2 months. So what do yall think of this? Any comments? Arguments? Questions?


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                  i am not usually well received, however i admire this post...and feel life's to short to take the advise of anyone who argues good points. if you're happy and your happy with what results from your daily activities, you're way ahead of 95% of the people on this planet.


                  i'm no expert when it comes to bowls of salads but i hear your body builds a tolerance if routinely consumed and will bonk out if denied. so...if you want to improve your running you'll have to stick with daily salads or make a substitution of sorts.


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                  ur not a troll r u?

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