Need help with running form (Read 100 times)


    Hey guys,

    I've been friends with anterior shin splints for the last 5 years and can't get rid of it no matter what I try. I'm doing daily exercises to stretch, mobilize, and strengthen my whole body (ankle dorsiflexion, hips, abs) but that didn't make any difference. Perhaps my running form is messed up?

    I took a short video and it seems like I heel strike, which causes my shin splints. Hopefully someone with more experience can advise.


      Try running barefoot. That usually corrects excessive heel striking immediately.


      On a track, astroturf or grass infield, etc. or find some very thin soled shoes and run on pavement (to avoid glass, splinters, etc). They don't need to be "running shoes" for this purpose, Walmart and other stores have "water shoes" that are basically rubber soled slippers for $10-25.



      You won't go fast or far, but you'll get a workout and correct your form. After enough times, hopefully your body will develop muscle-memory and you'll have the same form when you wear regular running shoes. I'm nt a big advocate of barefoot running, but I think it's a great tool to use for some issues and as part of a training program.

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        Why do you think heel striking is causing your shin splints?

        i have always been a heel striker and never had shin splints.

          Also, "shin splints" needs to be clarified. Most people who have pain in their lower leg caused by running have compartment syndrome. That isn't necessarily caused by heel or any other striking, but can be.


          Rule of thumb, to which there are always exceptions: Injuries below the knee are more often seen in mid-forefoot strikers, injuries above the knee in heel strikers. At the knee: both.

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          Train SMART

            Pain in front shin or inside of front shin? When you run does it loosen up a bit or stay sore or get worse?

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              I'll definitely try running barefoot and hopefully get used to running in the correct form over time.

              I should've clarified that if I'm out for a casual or just a normal run, I feel 0 irritation. The pain only appears when I'm doing one-legged max jumps, which happen a lot when playing basketball. I was thinking that as I have a tendency to hell strike, I jump incorrectly and all the power comes tibialis anterior instead of the calves. The shins cannot take that much load and as a result get irritated. Does that make sense?


              Oh, and the pain appears on the anterior side in the middle of my tibia bone. It completely goes away in 1-2 days of rest.

                if it hurts, don't do it.


                Now that we know it's not a RUNNING problem but an explosive effort problem, we're bored.

                Soleus maybe?

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                sport jester


                  Ok, so here goes...


                  You're playing basketball with an object in your hand. Your issue of running form is a byproduct of it being determined by holding a ball, not freely moving your arms as you would run without it. The ball spends far too much time on the right side of your body as you step if you're attempting a straight line run for the basket, which renders your stride length of each leg unequal.


                  Your right leg has a higher level of outward rotation than your left as you move, which also interferes with ball control as well.

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                    Good point.


                      I don't know where you are situated but I did a running forum at a Winnipeg university 10 years ago where you ran on a treadmill and they took a video of the runners that wanted to improve their form. Stride mechanics, heart rate, stride length, and foot mechanics were measured and studied. After the video they analysed the video with each participant to draw out the good and the bad of their bio-mechanics and provided input on how to improve their form. After the 4 weeks, the took another video to do a comparison. I found that the best time I have ever spent training HOW to run as far as the mechanics are concerned. I run well and other than a few incidents I have been injury free for the last 10,000 miles. I would consider finding out through a running club or injury clinic or a fellow runner if an organisation offers the service because I found it to be a game changer. Good luck in your search!