I finally figger'd out how to use HTML tags in my sig! (Read 782 times)


    Check it out - some of my goals for 2008 are crossed out. I shoulda put THAT as a 2008 goal: Figure out how to use HTML in RA sig Cool


      I would like to know how to do these: 2000 miles for the year Sub 19min 5K Smile


      Running Dad

        2000 miles for the year Sub 19min 5K !---code <.s>2000 miles for the year<.> <.s>Sub 19min 5K<.> ---! Take out the periods before the s and / and there you go.</.></.s></.></.s>
        Things to do this year:
        Not get an injury
        Things done this year:
        Bi-Lo 5k(Myrtle Beach) : 02.12.10 - 25:??

          Ahh-so, Mr Medic, the teacher becomes the student! When this is in your sig line you also have to click the checkbox that says "Signature contains HTML". That was my problem. Staring me right in the face the whole time! Bugs, to do those two you just need to add a couple 'training' tags to your running - <.runlonger>All Year<.> <.runfaster>Sometimes<.> Don't forget to take out the periods! Wink And I'm just kidding, you are doing some great racing and training. Enjoy reading your posts - keep up the good work.</.></.runfaster></.></.runlonger>

          Team Me, Myself & I

            Just testing my ability to follow directions on how to add a signature. Thanks Confused