Macrobiotics and Running (Read 561 times)

    Recently I've been dabbling in Macrobiotic cooking - mostly because it's just so darn yummy. But, MAN, the food makes me feel great too! Does anyone out there have experience with a macrobiotic-type diet and running and whether the two jive well? One of the oddities of macrobiotics is that they state you should only drink water when your thirsty - I guess there's a lot of water that you get from the food, so there's no 'Drink 8 glasses a day' rule. Thought that was interesting. On a side note, I took a digger this morning walking out onto my porch with my slippers, right before my run. Needless to say, the slippers are in the trash and I went running anyway. Ankle hurts a wee bit this morning though. Hopefully no major injuries - I wouldn't want to lose my momentum so early in my running career Smile Kimmer
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      Interesting...I like that it encourages unprocessed, healthy foods...but I couldn't live without my coffee, red meat, eggs, and dairy (I am a Wisconsin girl, after all! Wink ): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macrobiotics#Amount_of_Yin_and_Yang_in_the_products I've never gotten into the whole "8 glasses/day" of water thing, either. I drink when I'm thirsty. This means some days I only feel the need for 6 glasses of water, other days I need 10 or more. Weather and the amount of activity and sweating definitely are factors. k

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