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    I'm not sure if this is possible or not, but with my old running log software, if I wanted to run 6 miles, I could sort all my runs by distance and then click on each map to look at all my runs of the right distance and pick a course.  It looks like with runningahead, when I save each run, I have to give it a name, and then I have to go into the courses page, find it, and manually enter a distance for that run.  Is there a way to default the distance since it's already saved to the run from gps?  It would be an extra step for every single run to go in and manually enter the distance, but I can't see any other way to do this.



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      If I'm reading your message correctly, it sounds like you're may be overlooking a few things:


      1. GPS upload: If you're using one of the supported GPS (Garmin, etc) to record your run, you would simply upload that data to RunningAhead's log directly and the distance, time, pace, map are all created for you.  You then simply tag the run with any additional data you want such as a course name, temp, etc, etc.  (as much or as little as you'd like)


      2. Courses: When you log a run, you (can) assign it a course name.  Then all the workouts on that course are found by clicking through the course. Sounds like you want the workout (run) to get the distance from the course, and it actually works the other way around...the course gets it distance value from the workouts assigned to the course.


      Of course, I could be totally misunderstanding your question....in which case..sorry, someone else will give a good answer.  But as a summary, here's how I do what you're describing:


      Task:  "Assign distance to a run when I log it"

      Solution: Upload the data from the GPS and it brings in the distance/time/map.


      Task: "Find a 6 mile run course"

      Solution: Select workout date range, Sort workouts by distance and look at the courses used.  Click on any workout to see map of route used.

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        I am uploading the data from GPS.  When I save, I enter the name of the course under Route and I enter my equipment and save.  When I click Courses, I can see the new course, but it doesn't have an associated distance.


        However, it does look like I can do what I want by using the workouts and reports to sort the list based on the gps distance as you've suggested.


        In this case, what is the purpose of the courses tab?


        Thanks for the help!

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          You can assign distances to a course by editing the course info, and any manual workouts assigned to that course will inherit their distance from the course. That course distance will be assigned to workouts entered for that course and can be updated.


          However, I believe Courses change in purpose slightly when the workout is created from GPS data.  Let's look at two scenarios...


          Workout from manually entered data:  (no gps) --  Log -> new run entry --> course name.  This will populate the workout's distance from the course's distance.  The workout distance can be left or updated as needed.


          Workout from gps data -- upload GPS workout, edit to add course name.  This will leave the workout's distance to the data that came from the gps.


          In the gps upload scenario, course distance is irrelevant since the run distance came from the GPS. The course becomes, in essence, a general description of the run rather than the source of distance.

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            Thanks so much for the help!  I think I can probably just ignore the courses functionality and use workouts to do what I need.  Thanks again!

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              Thanks. But don't be quick to give up on using Courses - I keep finding all kinds of new ways to use them.  My current favorite is the go to the course list, click on the course name and get the list of workouts I've assigned to that course.  Then click on summary and see that I've run that course, like, 1,500 times (figurative).  Or I say to someone "oh...I run that all the time.", then I go back and click on the course and see the last workout entry was from 2 years ago.  For races, I make the course map public so others can see the race layout if they are curious about it.

              I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)