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    Not running 5k, swimming it non-stop. It took 1:27 but my arms survived. I wasn't planning on doing that much but at 3000m I felt good so I kept going and at 4000m I realized it'd be cool to swim a 5k so I kept going. It was really becoming more of a mental battle towards the end then anything. Lets just say weird stuff happens to you when you swim that long. I think I have permanent goggle marks around my eyes now but I earned them. In case they fade I think I'll take a picture and hang it with my marathon medals Big grin

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      Nice job.. I can't imagine swimming that long!

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        Holy crap! That is a ridiculously long way to swim! I cannot fathom (get it, fathom? heh) being in the water that long. Congrats on your accomplishment, that is very cool! Q

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          What Q said! I would sink like a stone. Great job!

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            Yikes! and, what Q said Big grin

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