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Marquess of Utopia

    One year ago my wife's aunt died of breast cancer; to show my support we ran in the local Komen "Race For The Cure". I hadn't trained at all before the race and ran a 25:38. It was tough and I forced myself not to walk, during the race I decided to start running again. I have continued to run; and have logged 1000 miles these past eleven and a half months. This weekend was again "Race For The Cure" and I improved my 5k time by over seven and a half minutes! (18:01) I want to thank everyone at runningahead.com for providing a tool which has helped to keep me motivated.

      All I can say is...wow!

      Princess Cancer Pants

        Holy moly--that's something! And congrats on your mileage, too! You haev many things to be proud of. Smile k

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          That's fantastic! Congrats on running 1000 miles! What a great way to show your support of such an amazing cause. Cheers to you!
            VERY impressive. Congratulations on your accomplishments.

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            Lazy idiot

              Way to go, dude. Nice improvement, and that's a great cause to run for.

              Tick tock

                WOW! What a great time difference. Congratulations. Smile


                  That's a lot of time to shave off ANY race --- especially a 5K! Surprised WTG!
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                    Dang! Your smoking dude! Wow!


                      That is a great improvement!!! Congratulations!


                        Wow - that's awesome! Congrats Smile

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                          Awesome. Consistency works, it's a beautiful thing.
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