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    Sorry if this has already been brought up before... I was noticing that my browser will crash almost every time I press "return" when typing a reply in the forums... I don't know if this is just due to my own computer, or if it's a bug with the forum. I'm using Firefox, OS X 10.3.9... I haven't been able to reproduce it on Safari, and I don't have a PC to try. Any suggestions? Thanks, -Jacob

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      I wonder if it's a 10.3 thing. I run 10.4 and don't recall ever running into that. I usually run Safari, though. But I have posted a bit while using Firefox and also don't think that ever happened. k

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        I'm having a lot of trouble just logging in...have to enter password and user name about 5-6 times before it will take. Yesterday I couldn't log my weight workout and had to come back to the computer and make several more attempts. After I hit save, it'd just clear my info out but I'd be on the same screen. When replying to posts, it would also just bring me back to the same screen where I'd been typing my reply (after I hit post) except my reply would be blank. Hopefully that won't happen this time. Virus scan was clear and hubby's doing some other security stuff on here. Not sure what's going on.
          I'm a little disturbed by this since I didn't upload any code changes for the last couple of weeks. Jacob: I don't know what the issue here is. I'll look more into it when I get a Mac. Not that I'm trying to push the problem elsewhere, but a web browser should not be affected by what is on a page. If it crashes, then it really is a problem of the browser. Sockoni: what antivirus program are you using? Do you have any firewall software such as Symantec/Norton Firewall or Internet Security? These softwares modify the web page to make it "more secure" but end up breaking it. Did you check the "remember me" checkbox before logging in?