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    Huh, I think it's my favorite distance.


    Me too.   If I had to choose one race as the only one I could ever run again it would probably be 10K, with the 10miler in a close 2nd place.  Ironically, I only run a couple of them per year as it seems to be getting harder and harder to find good 10K races out there.  Lots of  5K, 1/2 and Marathons nowadays.


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          I like 10Ks because it's such a brutal distance and I like to push the limits, but for that reason, it's the distance I dread the most.  Five-Ks are at least over quickly.

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            I'm focused on my half in March, but I'm finding that I really like 5Ks.  They suck while you're running them, but I feel fine shortly after its over, and with just a recovery run the following day, I can get right back into my routine with no lingering recovery.


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               Bang on. You must run the 5/10 Ks. It does help with the speed. I make it a point to run atleast one 10 K race every year. 

              ...do you guys still register/participate in 5K/10K runs? I'm curious as I'm new to this whole "world of running" cuz I can see benefits to it to maintain fitness and/or work on speed etc...yeah?

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                Just an observation.

                My memory from back in the day (yeah, I know - I'm one of those) was that most races were 10Ks, with a 5K thrown in for the less serious.  If the 10K had 200 runners, the 5K would have 50.  Today it is just the opposite - the 5K is the primary event with 200 or more runners, and the 10K is thrown in as a bone to those looking for more distance.


                But the number of people taking place in these races and all others up to and including the marathon have been steadily increasing - and that's a good thing.

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                Lordy,  I hope there are tapes. 

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