Tagging Runs (Read 227 times)


    I would tag workouts when I have Achilles Tendon pain or some other pain during my run, so I can easily find those info if needed. (for example to share with my doctor).



      Northstar Running

        I just wanted to bump this topic. I have a 20 mile progression run scheduled for today and I am sure there will be a few things that I'd like to describe it as by the time it is over. I have also thought recently that it would be nice to be able to tag very early morning runs with "dark" or "night"  to help sort out whether it was a slow pace because it was a recovery run or just because it was too dark to see the path and had to slow way down. It seems to me that having the different factors like workout type, weather, shoes, time of day, injuries, season etc, play in the same sandbox of tags would make researching workout data interesting.


        Good luck to everyone in the upcoming marathon season!!