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    I am having some difficulty post race. Day after I was a little stiff in the morning and by evening I could barely walk. Hubby gave me a massage that almost ended in divorce. I was in so much pain I took some painkillers left over from my operation late October and woke up today throwing up and unable to move. The pain killers were opiates and wiped me out completely! Now I remember why I didn't take them at the time. I've spent the whole day in bed and hubby had to leave work to look after the kids. Anyhow, after much sleep today I am feeling a little better this evening and managed to eat something just now. My legs however are stiff as could be. Janell, Wink I read your reply to my Race Report about getting moving and off the couch. Assuming I am eating and not vomiting tomorrow should I run to help my legs or should I rest them until walking isn't painful (read 'agonizing'). How far do I run? Can someone drug the Pace Bunny for me? My poor husband must think I am mad subjecting myself to this! Claire xxx
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      I couldn't walk for two days after i first marathon, well technically i can but i look like a drunk penguin.. i managed to run (very slowly and gingerly, still like a drunk penguin) four days after the marathon and by the following Sunday most of the painful stuffs have gone away with just a little bit soreness. Its good to have some sort of two weeks of recovery phase program to get you back to regular training. The reverse taper seemed to work pretty good for me to get back on track to regular training by the third week. Make sure you get all your nutritions (including post-race large Cake Batter Ice Cream with Cookie Dough for me) to help with the recovery. Good luck, you'll be up and running by the middle of this week. Aloha, steve

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        Tough question to answer. Personally, I believe in doing something, since it helps me stay looser. I took one day off after my marathon, then ran slow short miles for a week after, but it was something to get me up and moving. Of course, I've met others who take at least a week off before doing anything even remotely like a workout after a tough event, so it's really up to you. Maybe try to run, but if you're not feeling it, that's cool, bag the workout and try again later.
          I took 3 days off of running after my first HM. Probably could have run soon but I was still a little sore and didn't want to push it since I had planned to run a 5K the next weekend with my son. Did 3 miles, slow and easy and then gradually worked back up to more rigorous training. Getting moving can help you feel better though. I did some biking and walking and that really made me feel better. Swimming would be good too. Hope you feel better soon! Teresa
            Listen to your body! It's one thing to be in a little pain and a little stiff and go for a very easy recovery run. BUT if your having a hard time walking and your in agonizing pain take another day off! After my first race (granted it was a Marathon) I took 6 weeks off before running again so I think taking 3-5 days off won't hurt you. Just my 2cents worth.

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              Others have covered it pretty well. Listen to your body, but err on the side of activity. The activity is not all that important, but the key is to get moving. Walk, bike if neccessary, you don't have to run. You are not going to lose anything in a week's time, just try to get moving. As for pinkillers, I'd definitely stick with over the counter stuff like Advil. No more than 2-3 doses per day. This will fade quickly and you'll be thinking about running again! Good luck with it, Lynn B

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                After my first race last October (10 miles) I felt knackered and my legs were very sore though not quite as bad as yours. I did cycle to work and back (total 6 miles) the following day onwards but when I tried to run after 4 days I couldn't even manage 1 mile of running/walking. I did read somewhere that you should take 1 days rest for each mile raced, it sounded like a bit of a generalisation but i gave it a go - i think it was 9 days before i ran again.

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                  Well I went for a short recovery run and it was about twice as long as it should have been. Even though I only managed 4.5K I found the return leg crushing. It was probably pointless too as I have to walk to the shops with the kids later and then walk Jake to athletics later in the day so my legs will get a work out whether I like it or not! I think that the run was harder mentally than physically. At the midway point I stopped at the base of a hill turned around. Just the sight of that hill made me want to cry! I don't think I could have run up it for money. Thanks for the advice everyone. I think that my next run I will make shorter unless I feel much more recovered by then. Claire xxx
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                    I agree with Lynn that you should take an NSAD (ibuprofen or naproxen) instead of other pain killers because they help reduce inflamation versus just masking the pain. Had I known you'll be in such pain, I would have suggested taking an ice bath right afterwards. As unconfortable as that may sound, it does wonders to the beat up legs! Other than that, listen to your body. If your legs hurt, skip the run. Maybe you can do some stretching in the mean time to relax the muscles. Hope you feel better soon!
                      I wouldn't have considered running after my first HM, but biking and then elliptical machine training did a lot of good for getting rid of that lactic acid. Maybe your brain needs a break too? Wink Movement is good, but it doesn't have to be running. And we already know you're mad. Tongue That's why you fit in here!

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                        Hi Claire, It's Lyn from Saturday, how are you??? Sorry to hear you feeling so bad, don't forget you did a brilliant time for your first race and it was bloody hard!! I haven't been for a run yet as I have been too sore, I went for a big walk on Sunday not very fast and I will be going for a bike ride tonight when Col gets in from work. I'm sorry we lost you at the ferry, Ian lost his ticket and we were ages trying to find it!! We came home that night as I just wanted my own bed, we were going to stay until Sunday but I'm glad we didn't, I like to be pathetic in my own home!!!!!! Thanks for telling us about this site, it's brill. When we put our normal routes in I found out I was running a lot less than I thought!! I am on a mission to find more hills and to build up to do a half marathon. Col's looked at the Rotoura course and realised that it is as tough as people have said so he's stepping up his training next week when his legs have recovered a bit!! Take care, don't push it with your training you don't want to put yourself back with an injury, with all the walking you do your legs will come good in a couple of days!! Be good!!!! Lynxx