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Non ducor, duco.

    The other day I was headed out for a longish run in a new area. I came here, mapped it and then thought to myself, "it would be awesome if I could with a click email this route to obsessor."  I like to leave my routes when Im running long with someone that might care if I make it back or not.  That way if wild dogs eat me or a crazy psycho killer decides to chop me up into tiny pieces, at least I will have left a clue about where I am. There may be a simple way to do this already but as always, I was looking for a one button click.  I have no idea how complicated it might be or if anyone else has posted it, but it's just a thought...

    I'm back.

    Lazy idiot

      Couldn't you just Publish the course and email the link provided?



      Tick tock