Replacement Garmin 305 doesn't seem to be uploading to RA. (Read 477 times)

    I've upgraded my Communicator plugin and also verified that I can upload my data to Garmin Training Center.


    The import page seems to go through the normal motions of uploading, but the data never seems to get there.


    I've tried uploading with the"New Workouts Only" box unchecked and uploading a .tcx export file as well.


    At this point, I'm hoping that there's a backlog of workouts to import.


    Any suggestions? 



    I got a message twice that my uploaded GPS data was ready, but no workouts show.


      I've had the same experience.




        I seem to be having this or a very similar problem, just starting this morning. I hit upload, and once it goes through what seem like the normal motions I get this message:


        Your data has been transferred to the server and is being processed. It will take a couple of minutes before your data becomes available.

        You can leave this page to browse your log or the forums as you wait. A message bar will appear at the top of the page when the data is ready.


        I seem to recall the plugin used to work like this on occasion, but it's been a long time since I've seen this. This is in Firefox and Chrome both on Windows 7 x64. I am using pluin version:


          "Good" to hear I'm not the only one who's having the same problem today. I'm getting the same message (which I've never got it before).

          Must be a system error. Hope they get it fixed. Had a great run today and I want to see the statistics!!!

            Yep also suffering with this issue - like you really looking forward to analyzing my run today Smile



            2012 Targets:

            1:30hrs Continuous running

            17.5km in 1:30hr

            Half Marathon < 1:50 (PB 1:50:35 - 26/08/12 Pewsey)

            10k < 50mins (PB 45:09 - 15/07/12 West Tytherley 10k)

            5k < 24mins (PB 22:08 - 16/06/12 Andover Park Run 5km)

            Average Weekly Pace < 8min/mile (Current Best 8:02)

              I'm having same trouble, but using a Garmin 410.

                This is happening to me as well, so it's not "us", it's "them". Have faith, people!


                Best wishes,



                  Eric is looking at it... http://www.runningahead.com/forums/topic/0a9615b69ef84a1ab0e2915b84587550/2 

                  running is somewhat like playing golf to me.   crappy shots all day long, ready to give it up & wondering why I'm trying so hard just to get this stupid little ball into a stupid little hole but then out of the blue comes a monster drive or a long putt that actually gets into the cup.  bingo! that one shot keeps me going for the rest of day no matter how crappy I continue to play & gets me back out again on another day.   strange. -- skyedog

                    Thanks Eric!!