How many hours do you work per week? (Read 268 times)

    I have a long commute (~55 miles one way) but only have to go in twice a week. In the days I do go in I leave home at 4:30 so I generally don't deal with heavy traffic in spite of driving the DC beltway. The biggest negative to me for my current setup is that it would not be reasonable for me to commute by bicycle to work.


      I'm "retired", in that my husband and I agreed we could survive on one income.  His job lends itself to working from home and paid more than mine did, so I was the lucky one who got to quit her job.  That being said, I still work, I just don't get paid for it.  I chop all our firewood, all the firewood for my parents, I have a large garden and I preserve cases and cases of produce every year.  I take care of the lawn.  I run errands. I cook from scratch, bake my own bread, take care of the animals.  I keep the house clean.  And dozens of other things I do to help out so that when my husband isn't on the clock, he has the freedom to make the most of his non-working hours.


      But I know I am incredibly lucky to have three or more hours a day that I can dedicate to running and lifting weights.  I could not do my mileage with a job (I'm averaging 275-300 miles per month right now).


      Do you have kids?


        Teaching is harder to quantify.  I leave around 6:30 and arrive home around 3:45.  I teach English Language Arts, so I'm always reading at home, but it usually is middle grade lit.  That isn't exactly what I want to read, but I want to keep up with whatever the kids are into.  Then there's the grading and planning that happens at home too.  Put me down for 55 plus.


        I think my answer would be different in the summer.

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          Musician in two bands. I practice 2-4 hours a day, and play 4-5 gigs a week, so it comes out to maybe 30-40 hours a week. It works out well with athletics, as most gigs are evening, and I can structure my days any way I want to, and easily get 3-4 hours of running/workouts in a day, and race on the weekends.

            Recently, my answer to how many hours I work per week is: you don't want to know.


            My running fell off a cliff in November when work got extra crazy.


              9 hours / day in the office plus 3 hours commuting.  I typically leave the house at 6:00 am and get home around 6:30 pm.  The silly commute really cuts into my training time.

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                Do you have kids?


                No, we do not have children.  That's part of how we can survive on one income.  We live off the grid, no mortgage, no utility bills.  We are not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but we are very frugal (I cut my own hair, we don't have a tv, we don't travel).  Quite frankly my biggest luxury expense is running shoes.

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                  About 60 counting commute and I have 1 young child.  My wife is a stay-at-home mom though so that helps.  Nevertheless, I have to wake up between 3:30-4:00am on weekdays to get my runs in.

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                    AVG > 60 last year.. <50 so far. That will probably change soon. Does not include travel time.

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                      I work 50 and live next to a running trail and next door to my place of employment. However, my daughter's school is 20 to 25 minutes away. Three days a week, my husband picks her up so I can run right after work. We are looking for a closer school or a place closer to her school so we can cut the drive in half.

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                        35 hours per week, about 39 hours counting commute. Have two kids that do Tae Kwon Do. One of them takes swimming lessons, and my son plays AA soccer (2-3 practices/week + 1 game/week + a few tournaments per year). My youngest (swimming lessons) will probably start playing competitive soccer this summer so that will be harder to manage. My wife works 28 hours per week.


                        I don't run much by this forum's standard (around 50km/week in the winter and up to 75km/week in the summer) but it's easy enough to find the time. There's plenty of "wasted" time during my kid's sports practices that I can use for running. The worse time is during tournament weekends.

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                          I work 37 hours but the train service is so poor I need to leave the house really early in the morning and get home around 6pm. This means I can afford to take a 90 minute lunch break each day, which is great for running.

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                            I work between 50 and 75 hours not counting travel time.  I don't have children, which makes it easier to get out and run a PB week while working 75 hours that week as well.  Ugh.



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                              Zero hours these days. Retired Engineer and Disabled Veteran which allows for morning runs, limited volunteering and spending time spoiling the grand-kids, and did  I say running.

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                                Currently working part-time, with very flexible hours that I (largely) get to set. Prior to this current job, I was working 45-60 hours/week.

                                Still, with my kids' morning and afternoon school bus schedule, my work schedule, and my wife's work schedule, the best time for me to run is at 5am most days.

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