download .gpx file from running ahead route (Read 42 times)

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    Hi Eric,

    I would like to download a course created on RA as a .gpx file to upload to Garmin Connect.  I have never had any issues uploading my workouts to RA, but it doesn't seem to work when I want to download a course from RA and upload it as a .gpx file to Garmin Connect to transfer to my Forerunner on either Chrome Version 26.0.1410.65 or Firefox 17.0.1.  When I tried to upload it o Firefox, it says it's a plain text file.

    Is there something else I need to do?

    OS X 10.8.3





      Technically, the GPX file is a plain text file, as in you can read it using a text reader.  I don't have any experience uploading files to Garmin Connect, but my guess is that it expects the GPX file to describe a workout.  When you download a course's GPX file, the file describes a course, which is not the same as a workout.  This could be the problem.


      eric Smile