Anyone here think Wall Sits can help us run better/prevent injury? (Read 122 times)


    Hi -


    Blast from the past - wall sits! Do you guys think they are of any benefits to runners?


    Thanks for your thoughts!


      Not a huge fan. Why not add a swiss ball against wall, add some dumbbells and squat up amd down? You move when you run. I prefer strength movements where you actually move. Squats, one leg squats, step lunges, walking band abduction etc carry over to running better.

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        What Tchuck says.  I've read somewhere that most of the strength gains occur at the far end of range of motion. i.e. squat "ass to floor".  Also works as dynamic stretching, may help with any achilles issues as a side benefit.

          You could throw them in the Mix...


          I wouldn't solely only focus on those...


          but squats...lunges...step ups...plyos...dead lifts...


          running form drills...

          300m- 37 sec.

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            Don't fall in love with any one exercise. Variety is your friend. If you start to get comfortable with any one thing, you probably would be better off varying it up a bit more.

            I think everyone who responding, including myself, is telling you the same thing...


              Yup, thanks much guys and girls!

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                1 leg squats with an excersise ball against the wall allows you to keep your knee from going out over your toes and overall smoother/deeper reps.


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