Garmin 305 Edge (Read 861 times)

Kings Canyon NP 07'

    There is a Garmin 305 edge bundle at Costco for $269.00 Includes: Edge™ 305 with heart rate monitor and speed cadence sensor Bike mount Garmin Training Center™ CD A/C charger USB PC interface cable Quick reference guide Owner's manual Is this a good price? I am seeing one at REI for $399. Anyone know why there is such a big difference?



      The Edge is for cycling. Very nice device. REI has an amazing return policy but other than that, I'd bet they're the same.

      I ran a mile and I liked it, liked it, liked it.


      Kings Canyon NP 07'

        Thanks for the reply. Yes, this is too be used on my bike.



          Yes, that is a good price. Be forward, however. Garmin just came out with a Forerunner 405 after heavily discounting the Forerunner 305 at Costco and elsewhere. That suggests to me that they will soon be announcing an Edge 405. I don't know for sure, but that would be my bet. Victor
            The Edge 605/705 were announced and should be available shortly. I currently use the Edge 205 and it fits my needs perfectly and is an addicting little tool. I am not too upto date on the current pricing of the 305, but I bought my 205 from eBay for $120 shipped when the going price online was $160 +/- plus shipping. If you are patient you could probably get a better deal, but sometimes it is tough to wait once you have decided to purchase.