GF and I Both PR'd 5k! (Read 789 times)


    Last year we ran the same race in Scottsboro, Alabama: She got a 25:39 and I got a 19:38. It was her first race ever so I was really proud. Today we ran the same course( a little hilly because of some short sharp hills) and she came in at 23:59. Her only known mile split was 7:15 for the first(she didn't have a Garmin, and missed the second split). I came in at 18:39 w/ splits of: 5:43, 6:11, and 6:10. I came in second overall. Like some others we did more long slower runs than in the past. She's training for a half, and I am training for a full Marathon. It was nice to see results like that after not racing in a long time(since we did some marathons in the summer so a very long time).

    2010 Races: Snicker's Marathon(2:58:38), Scenic City Trail Marathon(3:26:36), Laurel Highlands Ultra 77(19:13:44), Ironman Louisville(13:07:07) 2011 Races: Mount Cheaha 50k 5:22:47, Tobacco Road Marathon, Mohican 100 Miler


      Nice! You both kicked butt!

      Just Be

        Congrats! I can't wait to go sub 19 myself! Nice job.

        Running safely

          That's great that you both were able to PR at the same race. Gives you someone to share it with who totally understands your excitement. Congrats.

            Congratulations to the both of you!


              nice job Wink


              Another Passion

                Amazing! Congratulations to both of you! Wink

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