Anyone checking into those Samsung Sport watches... (Read 154 times)


    I saw a pre order on my bestbuy account...if anyone knows the skinny on them post please...TY

      My husband and I are interested in the Gear Neo. They are intriguing.







        My husband and I ordered the Gear Neo watches. He is keeping his. Mine is being returned.


        Complete lack of available apps coupled with no technical support regarding what were supposed promised apps (specifically Map My Run) have made this watch useless for me.


        I used the in-watch Run App to do one walk/run, wearing it on one wrist and my trusty Garmin 305 on the other. In less than a mile they were over 1/10 mile off of each other. The Gear Neo was all over the place - sometimes as much as .15 off, sometimes as little as .05 off, but never on target. At the end of the workout, even the timing was off even though they were synced.


        Supposedly it used GPS for the Run App, but my husband noticed that it only tried to track location in the Hiking and Cycling Apps, and not in Running and Walking. So we are not even sure WHAT it was tracking when I used it. I damn sure did not set the pedometer so it was not pulling distance from that. I don't need or want a pedometer, especially not at that price point.


        I take my phone with me (wearing on Spibelt) because my husband begs me to. I had hoped to link this watch to my phone and use it to control the MP3 player on my phone. It does control the MP3 player on the phone just fine. That is kinda of nice. But I don't really need that. What I need is a watch that gives me accurate data. In my very limited test, I determined Gear Neo is not that watch. Also, I have a small wrist and the watch was big on me, meaning that it was not comfortable for me to wear as a daily watch. I cannot afford an expensive watch that does not do exactly what I want, so I am not keeping it.


        My husband works in tech support at our university, so he has been trying to get any information from Samsung or MapMyFitness regarding app availability. One of the reasons he thought I might want the watch is that both groups claimed to be "partners" and touting their apps working on these watches. However, he cannot get a straight answer from either as to where the hell the app is so it can be loaded onto the watch.


        My husband also got the watch for general use and likes it.  He plans to keep his watch. He likes that it gives him email and text message notifications, that he can take calls from his wrist, and the potential as new apps are developed. He is looking forward to using the MapMyRun or MapMyWalk or whatever when it is actually available. He has a bigger wrist and the watch looks and feels very good.


        I will say, the screen is gorgeous. I uploaded a photo of my beautiful baby boy as the screensaver and it was beautiful. The colors are vivid and appealing. But I needed more than that to justify keeping something this expensive.







          As an update, my husband finally received an answer from MapMyFitness as to where the hell the promised apps were for the watches. They told him it is "under review." They do not know when it will be available as "it is up to Samsung."


          Would think it would be out soon. However....it was advertised as being available immediately upon release, which was April 11. Not cool. I am glad I returned mine.








            Thanks for the info...I think I'll wait...my garmin 50 still gives me what i need...oh!...whats an app...