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      Yes. Very sad. I had the opportunity to run with Angela a number of times, including on her last birthday.


      Marathon Maniac Dave Bell summed it up well:


      Today we lost a wonderful member of our "family". Angela Ivory, MM #245 succombed to her long battle with cancer. I will miss her "Hey Daaave's" out on the course and her warm, encouraging, and gentle spirit. In her short life she completed over 300 marathons or longer (over 100 ultras) including many during periods where she was undergoing treatment. Never complaining, only longing to continue to do what she loved. Angela you were the epitome of the type person we all should strive to be.

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        Very sad.  



        Just run.

          I too had the privilege of meeting her at my first (and only so far) 100 mile race . She will be missed!

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            I've met her at a few races. Every time I saw her she had a smile on her face. I think for my next race, in memory of her, I will work on maintaining a big smile and remembering this isn't punishment, it is something I love and choose to do.

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              I too have run with her - and we exchanged greetings on every lap. She's one of those people who make ultras possible ... it takes a community and all.


              The story about her walking with a runner at Vol State last year absolutely brought tears to my eyes. (posted on UltraList - perhaps someone can dig it up? [I'm w. limited net resources right now])


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                Cancer sucks.


                Ms Ivory was a very very nice person.  Not the kind you say "she was kind and good" after the person passes.  She really was, very much.