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    Hey all -


    First post in the forum.


    Literally found this place by typing in google "running forum" and decided this was the one I would stick with.


    Quick Recap:


    Im 29 (30 in may)

    I play hockey rugby, just started biking to get into Tri's and of course I run.


    Initially got into running as a stress reliever as I went through some tough times and this was what got me through it.

    Long story short - a terrible breakup.


    When I started running I literally picked up a 4 year old pair of nikes and just started pounding the pavement.

    Non contact hockey didnt let me take the aggression that I had and I could just tell I needed more to do than to lift weights and take it out on a rubber disk.


    I started small. 1 mile here 2 miles there.

    Before I knew it - my buddy and I decided we wanted to do a mud run.

    Drove out to west philly and did a the MS Mud run. (now its called the muck ruckus I think)\


    I loved every second of it.


    I kept the beat up nikes a lot longer than I should have and actually ran a tough mudder less than a year later.


    They did not survive but I got my orange headband.


    The shoes had to be tossed so out they went.


    I knew I started getting faster so I went to move up in the shoe world and bought something that interested me.

    Hockey skates that are better are often lighter - thus making you faster.

    This pointed me towards minimus running.


    I bought myself a pair of New Balance Trail minimus running shoes.


    My times just dropped.


    I went from 9m miles to my best time ever for a 5k being 20:08 getting me 4th in my age group at a county fair run.


    That was this past summer.


    I kept running hard and trying to beat my D1 swimmer (in college) girlfriend's record of 19:05 but ended up getting hurt.


    I wish I could explain what happened but I cant.

    I was in dress shoes at the time and was tanked because of a complication with prescription meds not being out of my system and alcohol and I woke up in my girlfriends bed a day later. All I know is what I was told - and that I wiped out and complained I thought I broke my leg - but didnt.


    I limped for about a week and felt better so I went for a 4 mile run.


    3.5 miles in I was at about 20 mins.


    Then it happened.


    A strange twinge in my right foot while sprinting up a pedestrian ramp.

    Didnt hurt - but felt strange.

    Snapped off my toes just trying to get that extra kick and faster pace.


    Went home and registered 4 miles for 27m.

    Took a shower.

    Typed and essay.


    And I couldnt even walk to my bed.


    Ice and ibuprofen and a lot of rest later I can walk again but reluctant to run.


    Personally I think that the dress shoes were cheap and to blame but the fact of the matter -


    after seeing a podiatrist and having xrays - nothing is broken and no stress fractures.

    It just sounds like I need more arch support.


    Suggested that I get  700$ in inserts and offered no guarantee that this would make it better.


    I am all about running again and feeling better.

    Also I am about keeping 700$ in my savings account...


    The steps I have taken are


    Throw out any old shoes I had.

    ESPECIALLY the dress shoes.


    Bought a pair of dress shoes that advertise more arch support and dont care how hideous they are.


    Stretch a ton more (I stretched a lot before but for the fear that this was plantar fasiatis I stretch even though Im not running.


    Ice and elevate.


    and take it easy.


    I am starting to get to the point where I am looking to start running again but here is my question to you as a community :





    Im all about the minimus running style  - but Id rather run slower and be safe than have top times and be in pain 3 months at a time.


    The shoes I have been looking at (but with minimal research) are:


    Mizuno Levitas, Curisoris, and Musha 5 (all off the suggestion of a guy I met and talked to at City Sports.

    The Addidas Boosts

    and of course the New Balance Minimus trails again but reluctant due to the injury.


    I have no idea what I should be looking for...

    Im just terrified that running is over for me.


    Any help is awesome.




    Did we win?

      I read half of a free ebook titled "Injury Free Running" yesterday.  You have to sign up for the website to download it - http://naturalrunningcenter.com/


      Your body needs to be strong to run in minimal/barefoot shoes.  "Regular" shoes treat symptoms of weakness, which only encourages bad form/lifestyle.  Start slowly, strengthen your body and run.  Smile

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        Most people need to make a gradual transition to minimalist running. Since you've thrown out most of your shoes, now is a great time to get a pair of minimal shoes with a moderate heel drop (ie; 4-8mm)  that you can wear casually most of the time at school/work, or whatever for a few weeeks.  This strengthens muscles you will need later for more minimalist footwear.  Keep the NBTs (I didn't check, but I think they are zero heel drop) and gradually start to work them into your running rotation after a month or two.


        Sounds like you suddenly went from regular shoes to a very minimal shoe and your feet weren't ready.  I don't know about your injury, but I once had a strange twinge in the bottom of my foot while sprinting uphill that turned out to be a torn tendon (in that case the shoe style didn't matter AFAIK), which kept me from running for a few weeks while it healed.


        Check out the "minimalist" shoe reviews/running section at  www.runblogger.com   and good luck!


        MTA: I checked and your MTBs are 4mm heel drop shoes, not zero as I had thought.  Also, runblogger has a lot of interesting articles on minimalist running you might be interested in...

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          Ill have to check out that book for sure.

          I hate being sidelined.




          I left a bit outnut this has been over the last few years.

          The new bals I bought about a year ago. They are starting to fray on the top but ran in them injury free and eased into my distance.


          This is not an injury caused by forcing into minimal running.


          Mostly put this post up for advice because I really don't want to give up running at all.