What's a realistic goal for finishing a first marathon? (Read 2131 times)

    My half marathon pace is about 8:30 I'm getting better and better at keeping that pace for each long run but my longest run has only been 14miles. Everytime I finish a long run, I think, yeah. I did an 8:30 pace but I don't think I could keep that up for 26.2 Dead This week I started interval training and as wiped out as it made me, I did see a difference in my last run. I have 3months before the RNR. I reeeeeally want to finish at 3:50 or less. I'm following Hal Higdons Intermediate marathon training guide. I'm a few weeks ahead of schedule, in hopes that I can add a 23 mile run somewhere. If I follow a guide like this, are my goals pretty realistic?
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      I think you'll do fine and that a 3:50 is a realistic goal. Higdon's got a good plan and you'll be able to build your endurace so you can finish the full 26.2 with no problem. My advice is to concentrate more on the pacing of your longer runs -- try and keep it nice and even during each half of your run. Once you go through the training and taper, come race day you'll be surprised how well you will do. Keep in mind that this is your first marathon and that any time you do will be a PR. Smile

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        I don't have any idea how accurate this is, but here is a race time predictor...plug in your time for a half and get a scientific guess for your marathon... http://www.runningtimes.com/rt/articles/?id=6765 Good luck, Lynn B

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          Here's another prediction calculator which I am a big fan of. http://www.mcmillanrunning.com/Running%20University/Article%201/mcmillanrunningcalculator.htm Check it out.
            thank you! ok, so that gives me something to go on...it was about what I predicted. Hopefully 2 more months of training will get me there. Wink
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              The standard rule of thumb is to take your half marathon time, double it, and add 20 minutes or so. An 8:30 pace gets you about 1:50, which predicts a 4:00 marathon. The major difference between a half and a full marathon is that you run out of glycogen energy around mile 18-20, which causes you to bonk or hit the wall or whatever you want to call it. The bigger risk you face is that you are on a far too aggressive schedule and you may get injured. You will not break 3:50 or even 4:00 if you don't make it to the starting line healthy and inury free. There is no shame in finishing your first marathon if 5 hours or 6, as long as you finish it (okay, maybe some shame, but not much Big grin). You should at most be on Higdon's Novice 2, and you should not run anything more than 21 miles as part of this training, and that not more than twice. I repeat, you should NOT run more than 21 miles and you should NOT run that more than twice. Your body takes time (months, years) to build up to all that accumulated impact. Go out, have fun, and be safe. Trent (5 marathons in '05, 6 in '06?, and just now on Higdon's Intermediate program)
                thank you! I will really take your advice to heart. I have somewhat of a go get 'em attitude and I don't want to burn myself out or worse, get injured. Blush
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                  And let us know how you do - meaning did you get to the start line? How was the experience? Did you finish injury free? Only then if you'd like, can you share your time....
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                    Yeah, I'm waiting to hear how it turns out too! Let us know, okay?

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                      The ROck n Roll Marathon in San Diego is June 4...13 more days!!!! Shocked I'm SOOOOOO nervous! This taper is killing me on one hand, but much anticpated on the other, LOL. I was feeling great on my first 20miler but my second one, at mile 9, I started having sharp pain in the front/ball of my foot between my two middle toes and in compensating, by mile 20, I had a huge blister. My first one in all my training. I've had the same pain a few times since...not sure what it is. I have replaced my old shoes with the same shoe...I get regular chiropractic adjustments... I dunno. the 26.2 don't scare me, it's the 20,000 people at the start line and the fear of impending blisters that scare me to no end! My last pre race 8 miler is this weekend, I'm going to try using some kind of lube on my toes and see if that helps...I hear that can help with blisters? I originally wanted to finish under 4hours, it looks like I could but I'm setting my sights for anywhere close. Blush The race predicter has me in under 4, but that's neither here nor there I realize. At this point, even if I had to walk part of the last 6 miles, I still think I could finish under 4:30 which I would be ok with. Why I go on these mind trips, I don't know. I make myself crazy. Tongue I'll give a post race update for sure! Cool Thanks for asking!
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                        The big day is close!! Wishing you the best of luck. And just focus on finishing, your time might surprise you. My hat is off to you for even attempting it. I'm not there yet...maybe some day?! Let us know how it went...GOOD LUCK!
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                          Good luck! And remember: nothing new on race day. nothing new on race day. nothing new on race day. nothing new on race day. Smile Janell

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