Finding proper hills for repeats a la Pfitzinger? (Read 651 times)

    Hey, flippy, I will have to stalk more of your threads since I have the same question about finding good hills for hill work!  In my case, I have shorter hills and bridges but nothing very long.  But good discussion about the Pfitz plan too!

      I live in a pretty flat area. There are some small hills, but the closest is about ~5km from my house. Sometime I do runs that include some of those hills. Sometimes I jog there and do hill repeats up and down the same hill... sometimes I cycle there and then do hill repeats. And of course the treadmill is an option, but I don't especially like it, because it's hard to get the pace/incline/distance combination right each time.


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        FWIW, the OKC course (I assume that's the one you're running, and congratulations - it's a good one), as I remember it, isn't terribly hilly.  But if you're interested in the repeats for the speed benefit, then yeah...carry on.

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          AKTrail - hmm...I think I will try some of those drills. It is a damned good thing I run early in the AM because I'm gonna look like a goof. Oh well, right? Smile Zelanie - when are you starting the Pfitz program? I'm planning to start in mid- January. Let's keep in touch re: training. I'm in the half marathon user group too. pr100 - I end up doing the same thing...run up the same hill over and over and over again. I am really hoping to avoid the treadmill. It is such a soul sucking experience at times. mab411 - Yep, it will be OKC. I know the course isn't particularly hilly, but one of my problems with speed and the hills I have encountered is leg fatigue, so I want to work on that for sure. I know it will only make me a better runner....and who doesn't want better looking legs in the process? It's a win-win.

            I'm starting the first week of Jan. Smile  So you will know what workouts to look forward to as I'm cursing them!


            But I haven't compared the two plans to see if the speedwork is similar even though the mileage is different.


              Stadium steps can be equally effective.  However you have a treadmill which is probably the most convenient.  IMO Despite the cliche, Hills are not speed work and vice versa.


              This what I did for the flying pig a few years ago, as where I live it is also flat as a pancke. The pig has some very nice steep inclines I think miles 6 thru 10 something like that. We would go to local high school football field and run the track to warm up couple miles then hit the stadium and beleive me it will do the job. But this year we bought a nordictrac 2150 mill and the incline on it will be enough for this old man.