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    A new toy arrived at my doorstep yesterday and today I put it to use. I got a new Garmin SWIM watch to track and log my swim workouts. It is much like any other Garmin that supports a .FIT file and I was successful in uploading it to RA. The watch keeps track of swim intervals and rest intervals. When I uploaded the data, both the swim and rest sets were set to the "Interval" type and the total time included both sets. Would it be possible for your importer to mark any set that doesn't have a distance (resting time does not include a distance at import) to the "rest" type? Then we could have the option of including rest sets in the total workout time or leave them out without having to edit ever one manually.


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    5k = sub 21:00

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    Swim = 150 miles

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      Could you send me some (or all) of your FIT files so I can add support for it?  Thanks!


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