500 miles logged! (Read 748 times)

    It has been a crazy year. I have lost about 40 lbs. AND I think I have figured out my shoe problem Nike Structure triax 11+. Thanks to everybody for support, and listening to me vent.

    On the road again...

      Great job on crossing 500 miles! We're in a very similar spot and I crossed 500 this month as well.

      I have a love/hate relationship with running. I do it, but sometimes I love to hate it.



        That's got to feel good. Congrats !

        - Anya

          You'll be making some nice strides next year I am guessing. You're right at the point where it really starts to happen..... Keep runnng.....Good Job... Smile Big grin Tongue Wink Clowning around

          Champions are made when no one is watching



            Good Job!!

            PRs: 27:26 5k/ 49:52 5mi/ 58:17 10k/ 2:09:24 half/ 5:13:17 Full

            Post-Bipolar PRs: 38:35 5k/ 1:09:34 8k/ 1:09:39 5mi/ 1:33:03 10k/ 3:20:40 Half


            2020 Goals



            Outside Lane

              Way to go Chris - you have definitely ramped up the miles each month! I have about 50 to go to get to 500, and I still hope to make it there.

              See how they run...


                Great job! Keep pushing, it seems to get easier the more miles you put on... Paul J 572 miles for 2008(so far)