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    I bought the 1st generation Nathan Vapor Krar waist pack on sale for $20-30 a couple months ago. I have a much larger Salomon Agile waistpack, but it's much larger. The Vapor Krar is a slide-on affair like a running belt, but with better pockets and some adjustability. It came with one Nathan softflask. It is exactly the same as the Hoka branded belt (same mfg).


    I've used it a few times, and on a 12 mile trail run today.

    Good stuff:

    It doesn't bounce, maybe a little with a full water bottle depending on your gait. It doesn't dig in, pinch or chafe. I don't even notice it's there. Room for a full size smartphone in a waterproof zipper pocket if you run with one. Side pockets for multiple gels, or in my case an MP3 player. Main pocket in back for water bottle, velcro tab closure on these pockets. Cinching straps to tighten the belt if needed. Very light.

    Bad stuff:

    You have to pull it on instead of wrapping it and buckling in place. Velcro tabs for pockets will eventually stop velcroing. Pockets might be a little too snug, because I have to look at what I'm doing to fish anything out; but I'm not super familiar with it yet. That's it.


    The water bottle is good, but I don't carry handhelds and this bottle has a piece of stiff plastic in it for that, making it not as collapsible as other soft flasks. It doesn't seem to chafe because of that, but I thought it would (it holds the cap perpendicular to your body, so it has the possibility of digging in). It would be nice if this piece was removable; I COULD cut it out of it's encased sleeve on the bottle, but havent. I used a different flask at the Grand Canyon last month, and have only run one 6-7 miler with the included flask. I don't usually take fluids with me unless I'll be running more than 90-120 minutes and there are no water fountains along the way, but I wanted to test the included bottle.


    I don't know if the 1st generation is still for sale anywhere, I bought directly from Nathan. What's funny is the 2nd generation is identical except it has two straps on front to supposedly carry hiking poles. Really, I can find no other differences in materials, shape or function. I can add my own pole straps.


    This belt is perfect for taking along one bottle and some gels or other small things like tiny Body Glide or a bandana or something for 1-3hr runs without refills. And a phone if you're into that. No room for stashing a windbreaker or 2nd bottle, but if you're taking that much stuff a vest would be better anyway. One thing I like is that this lightweight handy belt means that ANY shorts become trail shorts; no need to only shop for shorts with pockets, AND it will hold a bottle, unlike almost any shorts.

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      Interesting, thanks for review. I like both my belts, but this on looks like it would be good for needing to carry more.

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        This is timely.  I am thinking about Naked Belts but will check this out.  Thanks for posting.

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          I believe there are still "old" models available for $30 at Nathan. And they come with a bottle!

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