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    Ok so I am looking at getting a pair of tights or two and I was wondering where everybody has foud the best deals on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jeremy
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      I usually pick up a pair or two in the spring, when they are all on sale, but that doesn't help you since you are looking now. You might also try running pants. I find them more comfortable than tights, although they are sort of a pain when the wind is really blowing. Victor


        Don;t know if you have a Dick's SPorting Goods in your area..they have an off brand (non Nike, Mizuno etc) of running pant (close fitting but not like tights) that are fairly inexpensive.

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          They are not tights, but I really like the Spartan running pants by Brooks. Kind of a cross between sweats and tights. I picked up mine at Joe's (aka GI Joe's)

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            A couple years ago I spent some bucks on some UnderArmour tights. Paid like $50 or $60 for them which seemed like a ton of money. I've run in them a lot and I've also used them as a base layer for skiing. They're in great shape and were money well spent.