Bib up for grabs for Great Bay Half (Newmarket, NH) (Read 256 times)

    RD sent out an email yesterday indicating that people had to be there 90 minutes early for parking....that on top of my travel time wastes my Saturday so anyone who wants it, drop me an email - n8@pbrstreetgang.com.




    BTW...you need to either be a dude who wants it or a dude who is going to pick it up for a woman.

      I should mention that the race is this coming Saturday 


      race website - http://www.greatbayhalf.com/

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        Parking is actually pretty well done. Lots of lots, especially coming in from the north and shuttles to the school / start area (faster to just walk/jog over, however). They do close the main drag through town (RT 108?) before the race, so maybe what they mean is starting 90 minutes before you can't drive all the way to the race start line?

        Anyway, parking hasn't been any sort of problem the last couple times I've run it.  It's a nice race, has good vibe and challenging, scenic course.

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