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    Back in the late 70's to very early 80's most of the races being held were 10K's. Some of them were called "mini Marathons." Not a huge stretch to now go down to 5K. After all, we're all winners, now.


    The NYRR hosts the women only "Mini 10k" each year.  It started back when women couldn't run the marathon, I believe.  So the mini referred to marathon.  (I originally thought it meant the women were smaller than men.  Or that the 10k was actually not quite 10K.  Neither of those are the reason, and regardless, it, like those R&R mini 5ks, draw a lot of folks.)


    Personally I'm glad that more and more people are "running" since so many people are just fat and out of shape.  But I think events like R&R Marathon and those color runs, zombie runs, warrior dashes, etc. that are targeted to the walking masses are lame.


    In fact, I USED to race every weekend.  Hundreds and hundreds of races.  People would ask me why I'd pay to run so often.  I even feared moving away from NYC to somewhere that didn't have races every weekend.  But, over the last couple of years I've winded down racing to just a few a year, and I actually run more, enjoy it more, and probably save a lot of money.  Maybe I'm just becoming an old curmudgeon or maybe it's that I have 7 month old twins.  Likely it's both.

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      I just ran a picomarathon in the running shoe store while trying our a new pair of shoes. But sadly, no medal was received....


      Your amazing story just inspired me to run a femtomarathon  .... Done.   And I didn't even leave my cubicle.

        I just stood halfway up and then sat down, an atto-marathon. Yay me!

        Runners run.

            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


              Please tell us how you really feel about this Big grin




              Date: July 21, 2013
              Start Time (Half Marathon and 5K Mini Marathon): 6:30 am


              Judas Priest, you're not actually kidding.  I knew the Competitor Group was taking our sport to a new low, but this I did not know.  Were they also the boneheads maybe who tried to get away with the name "Marathon 13.1" (or was that Ultramax??).  That one seemed to die out -- don't think I've seen that lately.

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              We are fragile creatures on collision with our judgment day.


                oh no, I run the 13.1 marathon every year  Cool




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                    So would a 10K be a double marathon? Guess I'm an "ultra runner" now!!!



                    I think I am going to sign up for the "Mini-Marathon" and run it 10 times consecutive.  I can get into the Guinness world record book easy with that.   And doesn't "Ran TEN Mini-Marathons consecutively without stopping" sound so much more impressive than "Ran a 50K."


                    If they dispute making a category for that, I'll just run them in flip flops, and while strumming Jimmy Buffett songs on a Ukelele.  Or maybe spice it up a bit with a Kazoo. Approve


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                      Hi guys!

                      I am selling a rock and roll half marathon bib because I am having it-band problems and cannot race it anymore. I paid $120 for the ticket and would like to sell it for $100-$120 but am willing to talk! Please contact me at cjayyyyxo@yahoo.com or contact me on here if you're interested!




                      Very interesting. I've got a collection of race bibs but never thought about selling them, not even when I was down about being injured. Are rock and roll bibs collector items? I wonder which ones of mine might fetch $100. Probably none since they got all yucky and stuff during the races.

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                        I believe the Rock n Roll marathons franchise is now owned by the group that puts on the Tour de France.  Shy



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                          And they're calling a 5K race a "Mini Marathon".  I guess the 1 Mile race would be a Micro Marathon, and the 100 meter race would be a Nano Marathon.


                          <<Experience all of the race day excitement of Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver in a shorter 3.7 mile mini marathon distance.>>


                          3.1 in Chicago?  Before the mini-marathon becomes the new international gold standard for distance running, Rock 'n' Roll has a little more work to do.





                            New boss, just like the old boss


                            - I assume you are saying that Revenue supercedes all else with new boss as well?  (I imagine so as well.  Why else would they have paid so much $$$ for the rights, surely not because of the love of running)....

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                              $50.00 in 2013 for one of the best half marathons in New England, New Bedford. It was 40.00 'til last year. You get a great fish sandwich and chowder after. I've never paid more than fifty for a half. Still a lot of good, fairly priced ones out there.