Most Annual Miles Run Since 1980--Age 66 (2,680--2 days to get to 2,700) (Read 1134 times)

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    Good to hear from ya, Nick! Nice mileage!

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      Nick, you are my idol!    My goal is to run until 100 (only 45 1/2 yrs to go) & your sound advice/experience is what will enable that goal to be achieved.  2700? wow that is alot of miles for anyone/any age.

        (almost) unbelievably impressive... what an inspiration, Nick





          Again, thanks for the nice comments. I did finish the yr at 2,701 miles. Took off New Years Day. Ran a solid 10 this AM. My goal for 2010 is to cut back on the miles--maybe 2,000-2,200 and improve on the quality of some of my runs. Hey, we always have to tweak things a little. Keep running/moving/ walking. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Oh, make it fun--but you all know that--don't you?



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            Congratulations on a banner year, Nick!  Happy New Year!

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              wish I had read your comments when I first started running and over doing it. Am no a believer in slower is better. Anyway I hope to still be running when I am 66 and beyone, only 3 years from now. But then I got started late. Goal for 2010 is to run 1000 mi, but then I do not focus on miles, I focus on time on feet. So one goal is to increase weekly running/jogging time to 7 or more hours, which should get me above 25mi/wk.

              Thanks for the entry and keep on keeping on!

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