military time for time of workouts? (Read 503 times)

    Hi, Eric! Would it be hard to make the computer accept military time for workouts? I'm so used to typing in, say, 0600 for other things it's hard to remember (and seems like a pain) to type "06:00 AM." Such a little thing... and yet I keep on having to go back and fix it when I try to submit my workout because the computer won't take 0600. If it's a toughie, don't worry about it - I'm sure I'll figure out how to type "06:00 AM" after a few dozen more times... (Did somebody say something about old dogs and new tricks?) Thanks, Janell

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      Hey Janell, The time of day field allows 24 hour time format. However, you still need to enter the colon. I'll try to get rid of that restriction some time in the future. eric Smile