Tell me about stationary bike (Read 59 times)


    I may get one for DW for Xmas, since she had expressed some interest in it in the past. I know nothing about bikes. What brands/models/features shall I look for? I know she likes the recumbent kind. The likely usage scenario will be that she uses it while reading emails or watching online courses on the tablet (I don't know if that is doable/practical, I'll give up now if it's not), for maybe an hour a day, a few days a week. She probably won't use it unless she can multitask something else while spinning. She's also short, I'm not sure if that would be an issue. I think seating comfort is important to her. I may also use it when I get sick of my treadmill, so *I* want something slightly better than a fan with pedals, but not one that is fancy enough that it may be perceived as a gift to myself  Big grin  I don't know what the pricepoint should be, but I will consider up to ~$300.