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    Small world man!

    I grew up real close to there, and my folks still live there.  I LOVE running in Northvillle when I'm home to visit.


    And I believe you are correct, I'm just about to turn 46, and my body seems to be falling apart too!! Crazy how that works.  I quit smoking 15 years ago.  Quit drinking 3 years ago.  Quit red meat 1 year ago.   Not much more to cut out.   Looks like the answer is to " add " to my routine.      Hello Yoga !!!





    Ha! I live in Novi, 1/2 mile from the Northville border, my kids go to Northville schools.

    Don't feel bad, this is the age when our bodies start to fall apart. I was a slug until age 40 (I'm 48 now), I guess realization of my own mortality or some such thing made me decide to start to get in shape & eat healthier. And somehow I have managed to stick with it.


    IMHO, nothing magic about yoga. (And I am totally not into the spiritual side of it.) If you can get a video to do at home, whether it's actually yoga or some other series of core strengthening & flexibility exercises, that would probably be fine. For some reason I find it works better for me to actually go to classes; even though it would seem more convenient, I have never done it at home. (Two words: yoga pants. You might not have the same motivation.) But the trick is sticking to it & doing it every day, or every other day. Funny how lazy most runners are about everything other than running.


    - Anya

    Hip Redux

      So first off, if you haven't been to a doctor, you should.  I had "a bad back" for a decade before I totally blew out two discs in my back - had I known what was coming, I probably would have pushed for more aggressive treatment when it was minor.    I likely already had the start of disc issues ten years ago, but the doctors just gave me a script for pain killers and sent me on my way.


      Second, some of the recommendations here can be a disaster if you have certain back issues.  Yoga and hyperextension (supermans, back extensions) are a recipe for a week's worth of back pain for me.    I also cannot do crunches or sit ups or anything that requires bending at the waist.  YMMV but that's where it's worth seeing a doctor or PT first to get things resolved.


      You should also look at your posture - lots of back issues stem from sitting in a poor position, or just a lot of sitting.


      Core work that can be generally safe for all back-related issues (I have done a lot of reading in this area in trying to fix myself but I am NOT a doctor.  Well, I am.  But not that kind of doctor lol):



      -Hip bridges

      -Mountain Climbers

      -Pallof press

      -Swiss ball roll out


      Also, you may want to look at adding in some hip-specific exercises since along with a lot of sitting, there are a lot of weak hips out there causing back problems.


      Most of the stuff in this book is pretty good in terms of lower-risk back/core work: