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      -    then I click on the binoculars to view a pending workout

    When it is not the one that I am looking for, it would be nice if I could click Next or Previous buttons to traverse the pending workout list.


    Or analogous issue with looking at workouts in the regular training log area.



    (I think there used to be arrows in the upper right for this.)

    It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

    The Dementor

    The Dementor

      Would like to see this feature brought back also.  As a adult group running coach, I like to look sequentially through logs and the new format requires going back to the workout list.  Not as easy as it used to be.


        Yes, it is definitely a nuisance not to be able to move forward or backward from the current workout.  It certainly can't be difficult to restore the next/previous links.



          from eric smiley faces' June 2015 update post:


          The layout has completely changed.  It should retain all existing functionality except for previous/next workout links.  It might be tucked away in a menu somewhere.  Please look around and explore.  The previous/next workout links will be restored in the next release.  It depends on a major database change, which has not been tested yet so it's left out of this release.

          5K  20:23  (Vdot 48.7)   9/9/17

          10K  44:06  (Vdot 46.3)  3/11/17

          HM 1:33:48 (Vdot 48.6) 11/11/17

          FM 4:13:43 (Vdot 35.4) 3/4/18


          an amazing likeness

            With the latest software release, Prev and Next are now available in the workouts.

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