Logging info, later uploading GPS data (Read 36 times)

Interval Junkie --Nobby

    Often I run at work, but can't install my GPS (Garmin) dongle at work to upload my results after lunch.  It would be nice to be able to start a workout/log, capture the relevant data while it's fresh in my mind, including notes, temp, course, effort/quality etc.  Then, when I get home and upload the GPS data, it would be great to "merge" that newly uploaded data into the log for that workout that I've already created.




    Create log manually.

    Populate log by hand.

    <time elapse>

    Upload watch data

    Merge log with watch-data


    This is particularly useful when you're running marathons away from home, and don't want to bring your computer with you (but might sit down in the hotel's business center to record your thoughts).

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