Morton's Neuroma (Read 624 times)

    Anyone here have this? Can anyone recommend any treatments?
      I have had it in the past. Can be very painful. One fairly quick treatment is a cortisone shot from your podiatrist. It is not a painless shot, though. It goes through the top of your foot into the nerve ending. However, the benefits are immediate. I was back running the very next day. Normally, one is all you need. If it doesn't take after two, there is another shot you can get that basically kills the nerve ending. After my first shot, I needed another about 7-8 months later. Since then, it has not bothered me at all (it has been over a year since the last shot). Bottom line: Morton's Neuroma can be fixed fairly easily. Also--after getting it taken care of, make sure the toe-box in your shoe allows for a little wiggle room. Keeps the nerve from rubbing.
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        Appreeciate it. I haven't seen a podiatrist about it yet as it comes and goes. It's more neusance really so I guess I'm fortunate in that respect. I have a lot of toebox room. Seems like it's at its worst if I'm not doing a lot of straightline running. I'll keep the shot option in mind and try to avoid it if I can.

          I'm currently dealing with what I self-diagnosed as a neuroma. However, after visiting the podiatrist, the diagnosis is Capsulitis-painful and inflammation of the joints between the metatarsal bones and toes. He put me on a prednisone "dose pak" 7 days ago that took the pain away immediately. However, over the 6-day treatment period as the dose decreased the pain has started to creep back. It's not nearly as bad, but I can feel it again. I'm currently working with the dr with an over-the-counter orthotic (PowerStep-Pinnacle) since I don't want to pay $350 for a custom orthotic, just yet. After I get use to the orthotic, he is going to insert a pad to try and lift my metatarsal bones slightly to keep them separated more. Wait and see if this helps. I’m finding that these overuse injuries take a lot longer to heal than I have patience for. I developed sciatica during my first marathon-training period that took over a year to fully calm down. Good luck.
            I'm self-diagnoising right now too. That may or may not be a good thing. I've been on a Naproxen prescription for two weeks from a back strain and that seems to have helped my toes too. I know a guy who was diagnoised with MN and got the custom insert. It took him a while to get used to running with it (think pebble in shoe) but it appears to be working for him. Mine is not so painful that Aleve or Advil won't give me a temporary fix. If you can, let me know how the OTC inserts work.