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    My son is now 15 years old. At 14 (a year and 2 months ago) he had surgery on each hip. He had bilateral labral tears, which on one side was sewn with metal thread, on the other side he had a trim. Both hips were slightly reshaped because they were "catching" the labrum. So two major surgeries, three months apart.


    Before the surgeries he was a very capable runner. He was runninng 20-minute 5Ks at age 11 and 12, and went to Nationals in Cross Country and Outdoor track.


    He spent a year with chronic hip pain before we discovered the root of the problem and had the surgeries. (The injuries were due to congenital shape -- not overuse).


    So...fast forward to now. He's getting back into running after more than a year of PT, strengthening, cross training, swimming and elliptical. But he's having one issue after another. The latest, which has kept him out for the last 10 days or so is very sharp pain on the lower, outer sides of both calves (in the "crease" between the calf and the leg if that makes sense).


    He's had massage on it. He's been applying heat and ice. Taking ibuprofen. We just got him compression socks.  And yet it doesn't seem to be reducing in severity (there's no swelling or anything like that).


    Has anyone had experience with this type of pain. It came on after two very good weeks where he was running well on his high school cross country team. 


    After 2 years of diagnosis, surgery and recovery, the frustration level is running high. 


    All suggestions and experiences appreciated!!!



    Ostrich runner

      My wife had bilateral labral repairs over the last couple years. I wouldn't say there has been anything resembling a preinjury level of recovery at this point. She's significantly better, but doesn't expect to ever get to where she was. My impression is that there is a wide range in severity when it comes to this injury though. The reshaping of the hip, at least in the injuries she had and that I have seen are to prevent nerve impingement. If he had impingement, that could explain nerve pain now. Also, many of these surgeries involve a release of the psoas tendon, which could cause all kinds of other issues. I'm no doc, but it sounds like you might want to see if an EMG might help explain the pain now.