I'm organizing a 5k (Dallas Area 4/21/12) (Read 2252 times)

    I work at a nonprofit shelter in the Dallas area for abused and neglected kids, age newborn to 17.  It's a lot nicer than you might think ... 6-acre campus, well furnished cottages, onsite recreation center, playgrounds, covered basketball court, etc etc.  I'm in development, so my job is to raise money to help kids.


    Anyway - Since I started in December, I've been working to convince the CEO and Board that we should do a 5k event to raise money and create awareness.  I did my research, got a running store / club to partner with me for the timing and logistics, contacted the proper city authorities, put together the budget, etc etc.


    Yesterday the Board met and approved the budget I presented.  I don't have a date yet, but the event will be sometime in the Spring of 2012.


    Everything is coming together nicely, but I need to come up with a name for the event.  The name of the shelter is Jonathan's Place, and we'll use the Duck Creek trail system starting at Audubon Park in Garland.  All sidewalk trail through the woods, no road crossings, adjacent to the creek.


    The proposed route is here;



    From what I've seen, this is a pretty creative group.  I have a list of ideas for the name, but nothing that just grabs me.  Duck Creek Dash, Heroes For Kids 5k, Childhood Heroes 5k are some of my favorites so far.


    Your suggestions for a name are welcome, as is any other advice you want to give me.





      Bill, I recommend Jonathan's Run. 


      A few local races here are named [Name of child]'s Run.  For example Bryan's Run raises funds for Bryan's Dream Foundation.


      All the best on your efforts. 

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        I agree with NaderAlfie.  And, being that I'm from Dallas as well, I'd like to know more about it when you formalize the plan.  I'd love to run it and support the great cause.


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          Find  a date  where the closest race is 20 or miles away. Tech shirts.

          Run until the trail runs out.

           SCHEDULE 2016--

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            I like Jonathan's Run.  I'll include it n the list I present to the CEO in tomorrow's development meeting.


            I have tech shirts covered in the budget.  I'm glad to hear that others see that as a plus too.


            The 20-mile radius is going to be tough, with all of the events around here.  I asked the store owner about this when we first met, and he said there are something like 100k runners around Dallas.  We're only looking to draw 250 or so for the first event, and he thinks we should be able to get that on any given weekend.


            Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!

              another vote for "johnathans run." i do a "bretts run" and its always easy to justify the race fee when its going to a charity organization.

                Running for Kids 5K maybe

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                  Find  a date  where the closest race is 20 or miles away. Tech shirts.


                  He'd be lucky to find a date that only had 10 races within 20 miles.


                  +1 on Jonathon's Run


                  The tech shirt idea is nice, but so is the no shirt option.


                  Since you're planning in advance, I would check out Texas Runner  & Triathlete (this is the magazine you get as part of the Dallas Running Club membership) and they will list your race online and in the magazine for free.


                  I'm also in the area, so please keep us updated when it gets closer, I'll sign up whether it fits my schedule or not.

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                    At the risk of sounding like Don King, what about "The Race for Jonathan's Place"


                      How about Duck & Run?


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                        How about Duck & Run?


                         I like that.


                        or Duckin' RUN!

                          Duck, Duck, Run For Kids 5K 


                          A spin on Duck Duck Goose!

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                            Of course if you name it Johnathon's Place 5K the venue can change in the future without th need for a renaming in the annual or semi annual 5 K fund raiser!

                            "You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas"  Davy Crockett

                              More good name suggestions - I'll include all of them in the list I present and let you know what happens.  There is a good chance we could outgrow the course with future events, since the whole loop is on an 8ft wide concrete trail.  I don't know what that number is, but it is definitely something to consider with the name.


                              Thanks for the local support too.  I'll keep this thread updated as we get further along in the planning process.


                              We're also doing a high end luncheon in 2012, which is going to cost a lot more to put on.  Keynote speaker, the whole bit.  Understandably, they want to lock down the date for that first so we can focus our publicity on one thing at a time.

                                No decision on a name or a date yet.  I appreciate all the suggestions so far, feel free to post up if you have more.  I met with local parks and recreation officials today and showed them around our faciltiy.  They like what we're trying to accomplish and I think they'll partner with us to put on a quality event.  I also met with the  running store owner again yesterday and he's really optimistic.


                                Things are looking good - just need a date and a name lol