Illinois River to River Relay (Read 356 times)

    Has anyone ever run the Illinois River to River Relay? ( http://rrr.olm.net/ ) I just got an email from a friend inviting me to fill in for an injured runner on her team. I always thought it sounded like fun but I hadn't even considered doing it any time soon. I'm running 30+ miles a week so as far as the distance I'm not worried but the *hills*. OMG! Shocked I live (and train) up in the flat Indiana cornfields. The race is April 21st. Will any hill work I cram in now do me any good? Am I crazy to consider it? Teresa
      I live in southern Illinois (about 15 miles from the start of the River to River) and regularly run similar hills. For the most part, they really aren’t that bad. Don’t get me wrong, you need to train for them but they aren’t as treacherous as the hills you might find in…say…southern California. Maybe some interval training might be all you really need. I say give it shot. If nothing else, it's some fairly pretty scenery. Buck